they’re revlon. really.

Frugal is not a word often used to describe me. Broke, yes, but frugal, unfortunately no. This applies to dinner and drinks (I just can’t turn down an invite), clothes (as Britney would say “gimme, gimme more”), and, of course, makeup. Tom Ford, Chanel, Guerlain, yes please! I swear I can feel my credit cards shake with anxiety whenever I walk into Sephora or Saks.

Revlon to the rescue! There is something so romantic and old school about Revlon lipsticks, in particular the dark red and berry shades. Maybe it’s the memory of my grandmother keeping the same lipsticks on her vanity. Or maybe it’s just that they’re really amazing and the price is great. I can walk into any drugstore and get a quick fix without dropping major cash.

The colors are super saturated, long lasting, and look really expensive. They’re famous for their reds, but I love their pinks and oranges, too. It’s hard to play favorites when there’s  a rainbow of beautiful babies to choose from, but here are a few that have found a permanent place in my kit.

From left to right: Gentlemen Prefer Pink, Certainly Red, Orange Flip, Cherries in the Snow, and Black Cherry


Gentlemen Prefer Pink: A girlish, flirty pink with a pearl finish. Has a subtle psychedelic quality to it.

Certainly Red: An easy-to-wear red with balanced warm and cool tones and a creamy finish. Introduced to me by my grandmother, or more by me snooping around her dresser, this timeless shade most recently made a cameo on last week’s episode of Girls.

Orange Flip: One of Revlon’s classic Moon Drops lipsticks. A conditioning core keeps lips supersoft and the orange/red shade is an ultra-wearable way to try the tangerine trend.

Cherries In The Snow: A true icon. The original color launched in 1953. Since then, it’s gone through a reinvention of sorts, becoming a deeper, pinker red. It has a lovely, creamy texture and a luxe look.

Original Cherries In the Snow advertisement

Original Cherries In the Snow advertisement

Black Cherry: Now this one might be my favorite. One part goth kid, one part Upper East Side heiress, this deep, creme lipstick makes a great dupe for Tom Ford’s cult classic Black Orchid.

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